The BIGGEST Rose Bush in the  


                        Located in Tombstone, Arizona


           Thanks to Henry & Mary Gee from Scotland back in 1885 we have this Rose Bush thriving in the middle of the desert.

(and as soon as I can find the picture with me standing next to the Rose I will post it)


The myth is that they lived underground during the daylight guarding their treasures and would come out at night. If at any time they get caught out in the daylight they would turn to stone which gives the idea of Garden Gnomes. The Gnome popularity spread from Germany threw out Europe when Sir Charles Isham introduced them to the United Kingdom back in 1847.


The story begins in 1893 when the Japanese Pavilion at the Chicago World’s Fair where they used the idea for a bonsai dish garden. The popularity soon took off when the New York times featured the miniature creations in an article and the rest became history!

Disney World 2015

ST. PHOCAS: Gardners,Agricultural workers,Farm workers,Farmers and Fieldhands

ST. ISIDORE: Farmers and the City of Madrid

ST. FRANCIS of ASSISI: Animals and Environment

ST. URBAN: Vineyards and Grape Growers

ST. VALETINE: Lovers, Bee Keepers and small Intimate Gardens

ST.FIACRE: Herb Gardens and Men who like to Garden

ST. PATRICK: Ireland and Organic Gardening

ST. ANTHONY of PADUA: Harvest and Lost Animals

ST. DOROTHY: Horticulture, Brewers, Brides, Florist and Gardners