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RoseBud Landscape




Hydrangea care

a great lesson in trimming and even the knowledge of how to change the color flower of an endless summer​

Trimming a Boxwood

Just one of many ways to trim a booxwood

Prepping a Rose Bush

A nice little video to watch on what to do in the fall to prepare your Rose or Roses for the winter

Prepping a Bush for winter

During winter snow can be heavy and way down branches causing them to brake leaving gaps in a well shaped bush.

Roof Raking

It help prevents a possible colapse of your roof by keeping the weight build up of snow.


Your Local Horticulture School
call before digging
       Please use this page as a reference to help you as a home owner to take care of your Landscape. But at the same time helping out other viewers with suggested videos that you find helpful by sending RoseBud a link to:

Your Local Horticulture School
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